Solidarity Gift Baskets

La Tablée des Chefs is pleased to present their Solidarity Gift Baskets just in time for the holidays! It's a heartwarming gift and a special way to say thank you this year to those you care about while at the same time supporting those in need.

The Solidarity Gift Baskets from Canadian chefs are SOLD OUT 

The Tablée des Chefs’ mission was received with such enthusiasm that all of our Solidarity Baskets from Canadian chefs have been sold!  Thank you so much!

All funds raised from the Solidarity Gift Baskets will support La Tablée des Chefs' programs, including the goal to provide over 100,000 meals to people in need with the help of Second Harvest.

Dedicated Team of Chefs Create Exclusive Gourmet Basket

Our brigade of chefs have created mouth-watering sweet and savoury treats that will warm hearts during this difficult period. Each item contained in the Solidarity Gift Basket has been hand picked and crafted by renowned Toronto chefs.

Our outstanding chefs have generously offered their time and culinary expertise to create these one of a kind, exclusive Solidarity Gift Baskets.

The team

Böehmer's BBQ sauce by Paul Boehmer, Chef/Owner at Böehmer Restaurant

This mouth-watering smokey BBQ sauce will add a special flavour to any meal. This sauce is perfect for grilling, dipping and marinating.  

Royal Red Onion Honey Marmalade by JW Foster, Executive Chef at Fairmont Royal York Hotel

An irresistible blend of sweet and tangy marmalade that is ready to serve with a variety of items this season.

Recipe idea to try with the Royal Red Onion Honey Marmalade.

Richmond Station's Beet Relish by Carl Heinrich, Chef at Richmond Station Restaurant

A unique delicious blend of beets marinated in a tangy pickle sauce will add a burst of flavour to any snack tray.

Recipe idea to try with the Beet Relish.

Gourmet Granola and Chocolate Nougatine Brittle by Nadège Nourian, Pastry Chef/Owner at Nadège Pâtisserie

A healthy nutty granola to enjoy during the holidays, along with a sweet treat in a crunchy chocolate coating.

Afrim Pristine, Cheese Master, Cheese Boutique

Top quality neapolitan pasta made exclusively for Cheese Boutique based on their home recipes. 

Recipe idea to try with the pasta.

Maple Carrot Miso Rub by Matt sullivan, Corporate Executive Chef at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

A rich flavourful miso rub is a perfect topping this holiday season that will add an asian twist. 

Recipe idea to try with the Maple Carrot Miso Rub.


Special culinary gifts

  • 1 cookbook from a Toronto chef ( in English )
  • 1 cookbook from a renowned Quebec chef ( in French )
  • 1 cooking utensil
  • 1 Tablée des Chefs apron


Please note La Tablée des Chefs cannot guarantee the items in the Solidarity Gift Basket have not come into contact with any of the following allergens: fish, seafood, eggs, peanuts, nuts and dairy products.


If you bought a Solidarity Gift Baskets:

Your delivery is in route


Pick up on December 15 and 16 between 9h à 17h at our 3 locations:

La Tablée des Chefs Cooking School, 7070 Avenue Henri-Julien, Montreal, QC H2S 3S3 - Marché Jean-Talon Mandoline room (located on the 2nd floor, directly in front of the elevators)

La Tablée des Chefs Cooking School, 930 Boulevard Curé-Poirier E, Longueuil, QC J4J 4Xl

La Tablée des Chefs Cooking School, Le Grand Marché de Québec, 250-M boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel G1L 5A7, niveau 2, local 104

For all questions, please contact us either by email at or by phone at (450) 748-1638, poste 401. 


The whole team at La Tablée des Chefs thanks you for being part of our recipe for success and wishes you a very Happy Holiday Season!


Solidarity Kitchens!

To help the Food Banks of Quebec during the pandemic, La Tablée des Chefs created the Solidarity Kitchens campaign. It brought together the food industry, farmers and chefs to prepare cooked meals for those in need. In the past six months, La Tablée has been able to prepare over 2 million meals across Canada. We will continue this campaign as food insecurity continues to rise.

Did you know that the Solidarity Kitchens campaign is the biggest cooked food preparation initiative in Quebec.

Learn more about Solidarity Kitchens