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broths, made in Quebec

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Bouillons Solidaires

La Tablée des Chefs, IGA and Lassonde are launching Bouillons Solidaires. Tasty broths, made in Quebec, which not only give meals good taste, but also help support La Tablée des Chefs.

For each broth sold, a portion of the profits will be donated to the organization to support its programs and activities aimed at fighting food insecurity and educating young people to develop their food autonomy. How cooking and solidarity can go hand in hand!


The Bouillons Solidaires are distinguished by:

   Premium ingredients

   High in protein

   Gluten free


The partnership surrounding Les Bouillons Solidaires is a testament to the impact towards the fight against food insecurity that the collaboration among food industry players can have. We are proud of these broths, which are made from top-quality ingredients. We hope that people will appreciate their flavours as much as we do, and that Bouillons Solidaires will become a staple in Quebecers' kitchens.

Jean-François Archambault

Fondateur et directeur général

The cause supported by La Tablée des Chefs is particularly important to us, which is why we have been collaborating with the organization since 2014. It is important for IGA to go beyond its primary mission, that of which is to inspire Quebecers to eat better by developing initiatives, such as this one, allowing us to provide easy access to healthy foods.

Carl Pichette

Vice-président marketing

It is with great pride that Lassonde has created and manufactured the Bouillons Solidaires, the sales of which promote a mission that is dear to us: to feed and educate the generations of today and tomorrow, in order to promote their food autonomy. We hope that these broths will enhance the flavour of meals shared with family and friends, because a good broth, like a good act, warms the heart!

Rocco Covello

Vice-président développement de produits