Solidarity Culinary Activities

At La Tablée des Chefs, benevolence is in our DNA, and this is particularly evident in our Solidarity Kitchens Workshops. These corporate activities are an ideal way to enjoy a great team-building experience while making a real difference in the community. When you take part, you're combining generosity with flavour!

The Toque Experience

During the activity, participants will prepare a 3-course meal: a soup, a main course (2 portions) and a dessert. A part of the soup will go towards our Solidarity Soup initiative, a program to prepare soups (mainly from unsold food) that are then given to primary schools across the province to provide food aid to students. As for the main courses’ second portion and the dessert, the participants will donate it to a community organization in the region to feed those facing food insecurity.
To finish off the activity, you and your colleagues will be able to taste all the dishes you've created! Sharing a meal prepared with enjoyment and generosity is precious!

Each activity lasts 3 to 4 hours and costs $2,000 for a group of up to 20 participants. If you wish to invite more than 20 people, the cost is $100 for each additional person. The activity can be held during lunch or dinner. Contact us for availability and space capacity of our cooking schools.

A concrete impact on the community

In practical terms, a company of 20 people taking part in the activity helps to feed over 80 school-age children through the Solidarity Soups initiative and donates 20 portions of the main course to a local food bank. Cooking has never been so united!

The menu

Menus full of delicious recipes have been created for your team! Take a look and you'll be sure to whet your appetite! 

Please note: We're not responsible if your loved ones keep asking for more!

Spring/summer menu

Apron Experience

During this activity, your team will be busy creating a delicious soup for our Solidarity Soups initiative. La Tablée des Chefs will take care of all the details (recipe, ingredients, delivery). A chef will lead the way and volunteers will make sure you have everything you need. If you wish, at the end of the activity, you will be invited to taste a bowl of soup that you will have prepared.

You'll need to set aside 3 hours for this experience, which can be enjoyed in the morning or afternoon.  

There must be 20 participants and the cost is $50 per person, plus tax. 

A concrete impact on the communit

The soups you prepare will then be distributed to primary school children. The initiative helps to feed children while reducing food waste, since the soups are made mainly from unsold food. In other words, a company of 20 people taking part in the activity will help feed more than 80 children.


The menu

A tasty, comforting soup whose ingredients change with the seasons.

Would you like to share this experience with your colleagues and give back to your community? Contact us at with any questions or to reserve your place now!