Culinary activities

La Tablée des Chefs’ three cooking schools offer food preparation events with a social cause to the corporate sector, and reinvests all profits directly back into advancing the mission of the organization.

Solidarity Culinary Workshops

Kindness is in La Tablée des Chefs' DNA, and it's particularly evident in our Solidarity Culinary Workshops. Our chefs will guide you through an enticing menu and some of the dishes prepared by your team will bring comfort to those who need it most. It's the perfect way to get together with colleagues outside the office and do something truly generous and delicious!

Activity Description 

During the activity, participants will prepare a 3-course meal: a soup, a main course (2 portions) and a dessert. Some of the soup will go to our Solidarity Soup initiative, a project to prepare soups (mainly from unsold food) that are then offered to primary schools across the province to provide food aid to their students. As for the second portion of the main course and the surplus from the dessert, the participants will donate the food to a local community organisation to help feed those who are food insecure.

To bring the activity to a close, you and your colleagues can of course enjoy everything you've cooked up! Enjoying a meal prepared with pleasure and generosity is priceless!
Each activity lasts 3 to 4 hours and costs $2,000 for a group of up to 20 participants. If you wish to reserve for more than 20 people, you will need to budget $100 for each additional person. You can organise the activity for lunch or dinner. Contact us to find out more about our availability and capacity.


A tangible impact on the community

In practical terms, a company of 20 people participating in the activity is helping to feed more than 80 school-age children through the Solidarity Soup initiative and donating 20 portions of the main course to a local food bank. Cooking has never been so rewarding!


On the menu

Menus filled with delicious recipes have been created for your team! Browse through them to work up an appetite! 

NB: We can’t be held responsible if your loved ones ask for seconds and thirds !


Spring/summer menu


Culinary Chore

During the Culinary Chore, your team will be busy preparing a heart-warming soup for our Solidarity Soup project. The soups you cook will then be distributed to primary school children. The initiative helps to feed children while reducing food waste, since the soups are made mainly from unsold ingredients. In practical terms, a company of 20 people participating in the activity will help feed more than 80 childrens.


Rental of our cooking schools  

Discover our three cooking schools, the ideal place to organise your events while making a difference in support of our mission!

La Tablée des Chefs' 3 cooking schools are available for rent. Your team meetings, conferences, networking evenings or launch events have never been so stimulating!


I want to register my company 

Would you like to share this engaging, gastronomic experience with your office teams and give back to your community?

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