The team

The team at La Tablée des Chefs is made up of professionals from different fields, all of whom share a common passion: the desire to change the world and make a real difference!

Jean-François Archambault
General Director and founder of La Tablée des Chefs
First, I dreamed of a world where everyone had enough to eat. Then I dared to share this dream with other daring people and I succeeded in inspiring them. More importantly, I've managed to make them allies! The team at La Tablée des Chefs has been working to develop the food autonomy of young people, with the help of loyal and valuable partners. Thank you for your continued support!
Ricardo Larrivée
Spokesperson for La Tablée des Chefs
As spokesperson for La Tablée des Chefs, I have been a privileged witness to young people who have been guided and nurtured by learning the basics of cooking and healthy eating. Over the years, the most beautiful thing I have seen is that by getting involved, learning basic techniques and sharing their culinary knowledge, young people discover that it is not only their hunger that they can satisfy around the table, they can actually help change the world.
Executive Director
Director of the Education component
Director of Business Development & Marketing
Director of the Social Economy component
Director of the Feed component, Combatting Food Insecurity Program
Regional Director / Canadian Division
Events Manager and Partnerships Activations
Kitchen Brigades Coordinator
David Bérard
IT Project Manager
Kitchen Brigades Coordinator
Kitchen Brigades Coordinator
Coordinator of the Educate component
Chef trainer for Cuisine ton Avenir
Culinary training coordinator
Events & Activations Coordinator
Coordinator of the Feed component
Chief Accountant
Inhouse chef
Event Project Manager
Kitchen Brigades Coordinator
Coordinator of the Feed component
Executive Chef, Consultant Sphère Marketing