The Kitchen Brigades

The Kitchen Brigades aim to mobilize youth around a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle through helping them develop food autonomy. 

Share the love of cooking, one youth at a time!  

The goal of the program is to initiate youth ages 12-17 to cooking, through a series of 24 culinary workshops that are run by trained chefs and offered as an after-school activity. Through three different social challenges, the program also aims to pass on the values of helping others, generosity, and cultural inclusion. 

A structured program that has proven its impact!  

Launched in 2012, the program is currently present in more than 250 high schools in Québec, and more than 40 schools across the rest of Canada! 


The Kitchen Brigades, in a few words…  

Each group of 16-25 students participating in the year-long program benefits from nearly 40 hours of practical training on cooking and healthy eating. The program’s 24 workshops are structured as follows:

  • 18 culinary workshops;
  • 3 mobilizing challenges based on three elements: community, multicultural, and creative;
  • 1 special holiday workshop;
  • 2 bonus culinary workshops.
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Inter-school competitions! 

The highlight of the program is at the end of the year when students have the option of participating in a national final, hosted by Ricardo, where one team is awarded the trophy for best brigade in the country! 



How can I register my school?

Thanks to our generous partners, the Kitchen Brigades program is offered at a small cost. For a complete year of programming, a public school contributes $2,000 plus tax to La Tablée des Chefs, for a group of 8-25 students. 

This cost covers educational materials (workbooks, aprons, etc.), payment of the chef-instructor, and all the food and ingredients necessary for each workshop. You will also benefit from the support of the Kitchen Brigades team, who will accompany you through each step of the project.

To submit an application to the program for your school, contact us at