Solidarity Soups

Solidarity Soups: bringing solidarity to life, one bowl at a time!


The Solidarity Soups is a project that prepares soups from unsold food, mainly vegetables. The soups are then distributed to primary school children to give them access to healthy foods. This initiative is a follow-up to The Solidarity Kitchens, set up during the pandemic and was a great success. The idea for the Solidarity Soups came from our desire to keep making an impact, as well as from the importance of offering an initiative adapted to current needs.

This initiative was launched as a pilot project in winter 2023 in five primary schools in the Montérégie region. At the moment, the participating schools include disadvantaged groups. However, to avoid singling anyone out, the Solidarity Soups are being offered to all pupils in the participating schools, regardless of their social status. Also, in order to reach as many young people as possible, the soups contain no animal products or potential allergens.

This will significantly reduce food waste, while feeding Quebec's school-age children in accordance with the government's Food Aid Measure program.

Given the vital role that healthy eating plays in children's overall development, it's important for La Tablée des Chefs to combine its educational mission with that of feeding people to bring the Solidarity Soups project to all young people in the province.

The program is growing every year, and we hope that in the coming years it will be linked to the universal school feeding program, which will put an end to the absence of such a program in Quebec.

A turnkey project for elementary schools

This project is a turnkey solution for schools offering their students a simple, healthy and tasty food aid option.

La Tablée des Chefs provides participating schools with :
- containers of frozen soups;
- soup delivery; 
- equipment to store and serve the soups (freezer and soup warmer); 
- logistical support.

Would you like to get involved? Join this solidarity movement and help reduce food insecurity, one soup at a time. Contact us now to find out more and register your school:


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