The Solidarity Kitchens - Next Generation Edition

Since 2003, this socially impactful activity aims to bring awareness around issues of food insecurity to the next generation of chefs, by offering them an opportunity to prepare meals that are redistributed to food banks in their region.

The driving force for social change amongst the next generation of chefs 

The goal of this program, which mobilizes more than 900 culinary students each year, is to bring awareness to the next generation of cooks about a problem that is too often invisible, that of food insecurity. Since its beginnings, this activity has made it possible for culinary students to prepare and distribute more than 1,5 million meals to food banks in Quebec and the rest of the country!


Next generation 2023 video

Solidarity Kitchens - Next Generation Edition expands across Canada!

For the 2023 edition, students' and teachers' social commitment was in the spotlight to mark the 20th anniversary of the event! This year, over 900 students and teachers rolled up their sleeves to join the fight against food insecurity. They put their skills and love of cooking to good use, preparing meals for people in situations of food insecurity. In total, the new generation prepared more than 110,000 portions that were distributed through the network of food banks across the country! This year, 30 Quebec establishments in 13 regions took part in this event, along with 4 other establishments located in 2 other provinces. The food was redistributed locally, creating 34 community ties.

Want to join us?

Would you like to share your love for cooking with your students while also doing good for others? Contact us to learn more and to sign up your school for the next edition of the program: