May 15, 2020

Les Cuisines Solidaires have now reached 800,000 meals cooked and delivered

As of April 4, chefs and brigades from restaurants across Quebec have turned their ovens back on and are working hard to reach Les Cuisines Solidaires’ goal: producing 1,600,000 meals for the benefit of Quebec's food banks. La Tablée des Chefs, the driving force behind this great initiative is proud to announce today that more than 800,000 meals have been cooked and delivered to food banks across Quebec to feed many people and families in need. 

Brigades are thus halfway towards the goal of 1,600,000 meals and are confident they will reach or even exceed it.

Only for the past few weeks:

  • More than 500 tons of food has been provided by the entire food industry, including:
    • More than 18,000 kilos of potatoes
    • Nearly 1,300 kilos of cherry tomatoes
    • 30 000 kg of liquid eggs
    • 2,688 kg of cheddar cheese
    • Nearly 100,000 kg of chicken
    • More than 35,000 kg of kale
  • More than 100 chefs and their brigades from all over Quebec have cooked meals for Les Cuisines Solidaires.

“The solidarity movement that surrounds Les Cuisines Solidaires is remarkable. I am extremely proud of the tremendous work done by our partners, the chefs and their brigades. They have pulled off a real tour de force by cooking more than 800,000 meals in such a short period of time, thereby helping to feed many people and families in need. I'm also amazed at how mobilizing Les Cuisines Solidaires initiative is. Les Défis Solidaires, resulting from a partnership with Signature Pro, is another great demonstration of this solidarity.”

- Jean-François Archambault, Managing Director and Founder of La Tablée des Chefs